It’s the will of God for you to become established in spiritual truth, which is the Word of God, and become established in believing God concerning that spiritual truth (or His Word)! In volume one of Tapping Into the Power of Biblical Meditation, Pastor Mark Roberson teaches you how to utilize the spiritual principal of biblical meditation to accomplish just that! Biblical meditation allows the Word of God to sink deep into your heart, sink deep into your thinking, and sink deep into your believing! Which in turn will affect your speaking and your receiving! When you’re hiding the Word of God in your heart, you’re not allowing everyone else or everything else to speak to you concerning your life, your family, your marriage, your ministry, your business, your financial affairs, or your future. You’re tuned into the Will of God for your life! In his powerful book, Pastor Mark brings his readers to a place of fully understanding Biblical Meditation. Because this powerful spiritual process will enable you to apply yourself to the truth of the Word of God and apply the truth of the Word of God to your life to see results in your life, Pastor Mark shows his readers how they can go to another dimension of living, believing, and receiving! In his simplistic style of writing, Pastor Mark Roberson teaches you how to operate this powerful spiritual principle that will cause you to boldly go where you’ve never gone before in life! You will expand your capacity to believe for more! You will expand your capacity to receive more! And you will expand your capacity to live the life that God has promised you can live! Biblical Meditation is the catalyst that moves you from being stuck in life, from being stuck in ministry, from being stuck in business or even in your career! One Word from God and you will never be the same again!