“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”  Ps. 127:1


The conception of Faith Word Fellowship exploded into Pastors Mark and Cheryl Roberson’s hearts, the first quarter of 1997, God gave him Isaiah 54:1-5, and the spirit of faith for this next move had entered Pastor Mark’s heart. God gave Pastor Cheryl the name for this next move, “Faith Word Fellowship,” and the motto: “Where Faith in the Word Leads to a More Intimate Fellowship with God.”

Pastor Mark began dreaming about a local church that would be saturated with a Faith atmosphere, a Word atmosphere and a Worship atmosphere; where Christians would be challenged to boldly go where they have never gone before. He began seeing a place where people would be taught to stand on the integrity of God’s Word based on Numbers 23:19, where they would come to know who they are in Christ, what they can do in Christ, what they have in Christ and where they are in Christ; where they would learn to walk in the authority that Jesus delegated to the Church. A local church where believers would learn how to flow in the Holy Ghost. A Word Church! A Faith Church! A Family Church! A church called Faith Word Fellowship!

Pastors Mark and Cheryl set out to do the impossible. With no members, no advertising and with only a family of five, they rented a building at 1655 Kensington Ave, the corner of Century and Kensington. 50 chairs were rented for the first Sunday, August 10, 1997.  God begin adding to the church. In September 2005, we became: Faith Word Fellowship International. In November 2008, we planted an extension of the ministry in Canada, Faith Word Fellowship Canada, in St. Catharines, Ontario. Faith Word Fellowship Canada began having services at the Russell Avenue Community Centre with the purpose of operating as a local church. After some time, Pastor Mark sought the Lord’s direction and in 2015, he transitioned Faith Word Fellowship Canada into an extension of his teaching ministry, where he conducts weekly teaching sessions and holds Faith and Victory Summits.  Because of his compassion and commitment to the St. Catharines area, Pastor Mark has committed to maintaining this presence of his teaching ministry in St. Catharines.

God gave Pastor Mark an assignment to create an atmosphere where the Word of God has free course and prevails, and he has determined not to veer from that charge. Pastors Mark and Cheryl have purposed to develop a Faith atmosphere, a Worship atmosphere, and a Word atmosphere among the Faith Word Fellowship International & Faith Word Fellowship Canada congregations. Their desire to saturate people with the teaching of the Word of God has been the driving force of the ministry. God has honored their commitment, as they have diligently given their all to fulfill their God-given assignment.
So every member, partner and friend of this ministry embrace the challenge to get in the flow, join your faith, skill and ability with the rest of the congregation and let us boldly go where no one said or thought we would ever go TOGETHER! For we are in this thing together! And always remember Pastor Mark’s thought: One Word From God And You Will Never Be The Same Again!