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A first-time guest of FWF can expect to walk into an atmosphere of love, respect, and acceptance. The Pastors and people of FWF have created an environment that makes you feel welcome and right at home. You are someone who God loves and Jesus died for, and we consider you to be precious and have a powerful plan attached to your life by Almighty God Himself.

As a first-time guest, you can expect an atmosphere of faith, worship, and the teaching of the Word of God. The messages that Pastor Mark and the ministry team teaches, are founded on the Bible and instill faith to not only continue in life but to experience the victory that we, His children have a right to.

You can expect to leave our service built up, charged up, and equipped to take on the challenges of life, while expecting God to respond to your walk of faith in miraculous ways.

Pastor Mark and Pastor Cheryl are two genuine people who love Jesus and love His people and want to see every one of them experience the Goodness of God in every area of their lives, and then go out and be used by Him to touch other people for His Kingdom. They live a transparent, honorable, and Holy life that inspire others to have spiritual tenacity by applying the Word of God consistently in their lives.

One Word From God And You Will Never Be The Same Again!