In his book, Overcoming Depression, Discouragement & Despair, Pastor Mark Roberson takes his readers through a 7-day breakthrough process that strengthens, encourages, inspires, and enlightens anyone who has suffered with depression or discouragement. This 7-day process is a personal revelation that Pastor Mark received from God when he himself suffered with depression and despair. After experiencing his own breakthrough and walking in total healing from depression & despair for over 15 years, Pastor Mark used this same breakthrough process to help his own relative. Pastor Mark touches base with any person who has been experiencing depression, discouragement, despair or anxiety. He centers on changing the reader’s perspective and mindset by breaking their daily pattern. He goes right after what feeds depression and despair, which is your focus, your feelings, your daily talk, and the thoughts that you choose to entertain. Pastor Mark motivates and inspires an individual to understand that to get where you’ve never been, you’ve got to do what you’ve never done! In his book, he leads a person through doing things different to cause new experiences to happen! As you go through this 7 day breakthrough process, each day you’ll begin to experience more strength, more encouragement and your life will never be the same again as you step into your own personal breakthrough! One Word From God and You Will Never Be the Same Again!