About Us-in Canada

We are excited about the opportunity to minister in St. Catharines and humbled that the Lord would use us to teach and preach the Gospel in our neighboring country. We are purposing to duplicate the anointed teaching environment that we've established in Buffalo, NY to create an extension of that work in Ontario. We are all the body of Christ and the boundaries that men have created between countries do not hinder the Power of God from flowing through His people.

We believe that God has strategically placed us in this region to teach and develop people how to live with faith by standing on the integrity of God's Word. Too many people are not enjoying the life that Jesus died and paid for them to have. John 10:10 from the Amplified Bible states that Jesus came so that we could "have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)." That means that you can have an enjoy the life you have RIGHT NOW! You don't need to wait until everything is 'perfect' and in order in your life to enjoy what you have right now!

Faith Word Fellowship is a place where you can:

Pastors Mark and Cheryl are dedicated to teaching their congregation how to take the Word of God from the Bible and "apply it to their lives." They teach with simplicity using practical examples to demonstrate that the Bible is God's Will for our lives and God's Word is speaking to us.